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 Are You Overeating? 4 Signs You’re — and How That Negatively Impacts Your Goals

You’re Training Hard but Not Seeing Results

The most frustrating part of overtraining is that your results fade away like the colors in your favorite shirt. You need to give your body time to rest from an intense regimen.

Diabetes Can Be Cured And Reversed Naturally

Diabetes-CureDiabetes, like all lifestyle diseases, is a degenerative condition that will only worsen if not addressed. But the good news is that diabetes can be put in reverse gear in as little as 21-days! Pills and insulin injections are not the answer. A conscious shift in choosing what goes into your mouth is

11 health myths that could cause more harm than good

Health-MythsLong-debunked health myths keep circulating, and in some cases, the myths and misinformation can lead people to make damaging mistakes.

Whether it’s fitness, sexual health, mental illness or vaccination, a little ignorance can do a lot of damage thanks to the adoption of habits based on myths.

Here are some of the most dangerous health myths still doing the rounds online.

4 Breakfast Foods For A Flat Stomach Fast

Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day, so do it right! Starting your day with fattening foods like pancakes and waffles will only increase your waistband size, so be careful with what you put in your body. Instead of choosing unhealthy options, eat these nBest-Breakfast-For-Weight-Loss

utritious (and delicious!) breakfast options that doctors swear by for a flatter tummy and a happier body!

Healthy-Aging Meal Plan Less Than 1,200 calories

Healthy-MealEnergize your day the right way with this healthy meal plan, tailored to meet your daily nutrition needs as you age. With plenty of whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables, this plan provides adequate amounts of protein, fiber and calcium (nutrients you need more of as you age), and keeps the sodium low (below 1,500 mg).

Top 10 Exercises For Weight Loss And Fat Burning

A female fitness instructor demonstrates the finishing position of the yoga bridge pose

Losing weight means burning more calories than you consume. Exercises help you to burn your fat successfully. We are all very well know that exercise is essential to maintain a good health and to over come from different health problems.

If you increase your exercise your rate of metabolism also increases which helps you to reduce your weight. Doing exercises not only burn your excess fat but also builds your body. Here are some of the excellent exercises to reduce your weight to stay slim and smart.

 Build A Slimming Salad With These 4 Rules

If you want to be virtuous, you order a salad, right? Don’t go patting yourself on the back just yet! A classic Cobb with chopped bacon, egg, blue cheese, avocado and creamy dressing clocks in at over 1,000 calories. Likewise, a standard restaurant’s chef salad is typically loaded with Swiss cheese, roast beef, eggs and dressing — and will set you back about the same. Not so ideal after all.

Doctors finally found more accurate way than BMI to determine your healthy weight

Body Volume Indicator, or BVI, a new tool that could transform how we size ourselves up. The measurement is essentially a ratio comparing your total body volume to the volume of your abdomen, a measurement that can be taken manually or using an app.

13 most relaxing ways to burn calories

Exercise can be unpleasant, especially if you’re not in the habit of working out and are trying to get started again.

One way to get into the habit of exercise is to find activities you enjoy from the start — that relax you as much as they get your body moving.

We sleep less as we age because our brains does not think we’re tired

Sadly, there’s nothing we can do about it—yet

It’s a known fact that as we age, we sleep less. But the reasoning behind this phenomenon is poorly understood. Do older adults sleep less because they need less sleep, or because they simply can’t get the sleep they need?

According To A New Study, Asians, Blacks, Hispanics Have More Heart Disease Risks at Normal Weight

People of Hispanic, African-American, and Asian descent could be at high risk for factors related to heart disease even if they are not overweight or obese, according to the lead author of a new study.

20 Common Ingredients Found In Processed Foods – You Have In Your Pantry

It’s no secret that many of our common grocery store staples come with a long list of ingredients. While bread, for example, might only require a few ingredients when homemade, a loaf of sandwich bread from the store will often contain significantly more to keep it shelf-stable.

Mama June Says Goodbye To Turkey Neck And Bat Wings After Weight Loss Surgery

“From Not to Hot” star Mama June Shannon is slated to reveal her new look on the season finale Friday. The mother-of-four had surgery on her neck and arms to remove excess skin in the final part of her transformation.

Stem cell breakthrough offers hope for men with erectile dysfunction after prostate surgery

Eight out of 15 incontinent men suffering from erectile dysfunction were able to have sex, six months after undergoing the one-time stem cell treatment.

Cutting salt intake could stop excessive toilet trips in the wee small hours

Frequently needing the toilet in the middle of the night is a condition that affects more than half of 50’s, leading to fatigue, irritability, and a groggy feeling in the morning.

Burn Major Calories With a 12-Minute Treadmill Sprint Workout

Many of us love having the option to get in a quick, powerful, explosive workout — without wasting time. If you don’t have the luxury of an extra hour for your daily routine, try this 12-minute HIIT workout on the treadmill — with intense sprint intervals and some incline work, you’ll get your whole body burning, fast. You’re in, you’re out, and you’re stronger for it.

217,000 people in the UK have potentially fatal blood condition and they don’t know

As many as 85% of people with familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) are thought to be undiagnosed, according to the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

The condition causes abnormally high levels of cholesterol in a person’s blood. This means that otherwise healthy people are at a much greater risk of having a heart attack – or suffering a heart attack at a young age.

Fiber optics shine a light on blood clots during surgery

Marathon surgery can be dangerous enough without the threat of blood clots forming in the patient. To counter that, surgeons administer blood thinning drugs throughout a procedure, but knowing when to do so often requires a separate lab test, which slows down the surgery. By shining light through the patient’s blood, researchers at the University of Central Florida (UCF) have developed a new system that gives surgeons real-time feedback and alerts them at the first sign of a clot.

What your past habits may mean for your future health

Fox News sifted through the science and spoke to Dr. Keri Peterson, a New York City-based internist, to get the lowdown what your past habits may mean for your future health:

Intermittent fasting diet takes off pounds, makes people healthier

There’s more evidence that occasional fasting — actually, just eating very lightly — can help people lose weight.

People who ate a special low-calorie diet five days a month not only lost weight, but lowered their cholesterol, blood pressure and body fat measurements, researchers reported Wednesday.

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