25 Facts About Weight-Loss, You Never Knew

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Here are 25 interesting weight loss facts probably you never knew.

1. Weight Loss – You will experience your energy levels skyrocket after losing that unwanted weight. It is because you carry lesser body mass hence use lesser energy. Weight loss also improves your oxygen efficiency and breathing is much lighter.

2. Artificial sweeteners can confuse the body into storing fat – Research suggests that substituting with artificial sweeteners is not beneficial at all, in fact, it actually promotes weight gain. In one of the trials, healthy subjects started showing symptoms of glucose intolerance within a week of ingesting artificial sweeteners and also reflected a change in gut bacteria.

3. Sleeping Beauty Diet – A fad diet, Elvis Presley was a big fan of it. The person is sedated for days. The reasoning behind this diet was that if a person is sedated and sort of asleep for days, the person would not eat hence weight-loss.

4. Liposuction – For every fat cell which is removed from the body using liposuction, the body would compensate for it and grow new fat cells in other parts of the body because our body keeps track of exact no of fat cells and the amount of fat in each of them. Every fat cell has a lifespan of 7 years and for when a cell dies,  a new cell grows to replace the dead one.

5. Liposuction – The intra-abdominal fat linked with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes cannot be removed by liposuction because it can remove only that fat which is just under the skin.

6. The “Byron Diet” –  Named after Victorian poet Lord Byron was also known as ‘celebrity diet icon’, had a shockingly strict diet to keep his mind sharp. He existing on biscuits, soda water or bizarre foods like potatoes drenched in vinegar in an effort to look fashionably thin and pale.

7. Disorganized Workspaces – A study conducted by the University of Minnesota suggests that people who are working in disorganized workspaces are more likely to choose unhealthy snacks.

8. Peppermint smelling – Did you know that if you keep smelling peppermint, you may feel less hungry and consequently you would eat less. Researchers believe it is due to the strong scent which distracts a person’s mind and off of their appetite.

9. Obesity – Being overweight causes inflammation which in turn leads to cell changes in the body leading to several types of cancer. You could lower the dangerous levels of inflammation by just shedding 5% of your body weight and reduce the risks of cancer.

10 Losing weight – can reduce symptoms of arthritis.

11. Dark chocolate – A Recent study suggests that eating dark chocolate in moderate amounts can lower abdominal fat levels and the scientists speculate that the antioxidants in the chocolate may help fight inflammation and improve metabolic functioning.

12. According to scientists, there are as many as 100 different genes or “fat genes,” which can increase the likelihood of someone becoming obese or developing type 2 diabetes. Good news is that you can offset these obesity-promoting genes by eating healthy and regular exercise.

13. Cigarettes – It is astonishing but true, in early 20th century, cigarette makers regularly marketed their products as an aid to weight-loss. An ad in  1929 Lucky-Strike-Cigarettes-1929-advertisementproclaimed, “Light a Lucky and you’ll never miss a sweet that makes you fat.”

14. Stress – Stress can inhibit your weight loss goals by triggering cravings for snacks which are rich in carbs and increase fat storage. Relaxing techniques like meditation and physical exercise can be helpful to control your weight.

15. Lack of sleep – Which is the cheapest and the best medicine Woman Sleepingfor obesity? Scientists suggest getting enough sleep is the answer. It becomes harder to lose weight if you are not getting enough sleep because inadequate sleep upsets hormone balance. Read more: How Sleep Deprivation Can Have Serious Health Consequences

16. There are hundreds of diet books and thousands of pages suggesting diets for weight loss, there are only four basic rules for effective weight loss:

  1.  Eat Carbs from whole grains
  2.  Avoid consuming trans fat and saturated fats
  3. Consume lean meat
  4. Fruits and Veggies.

17. Weight loss pills – They are meant for weight loss but effectively, you loose much more. They cause severe side-effects like hypertension, depression, mood swings and there have been instances of death as well.

18. Sex – Researchers believe having sex with your loved one commitment can aid in weight loss as well. On an average, you burn 200-250 calories every half an hour while having sex. Researchers also believe that it should not replace your daily exercise regimen. Sex is also a great stress buster.

19. Eating in red plates – Another study suggests that using red plates to eat encourages eating lesser and makes them more aware of what and how much they eat.

20. Room Temperature – According to the National Institute of Health Clinical Center, room temperature in your bedroom can have an impact on you weight loss efforts. If you sleep in a colder room, 66° and lesser, you would burn more calories compared to sleeping in a warmer room. Researchers say that your body has to burn more calories and work harder in colder rooms to maintain body temperature at 98.6°

21. Journal Appetite states that people who felt guilty after eating cake impacts their weight loss efforts and affects negatively compared to those who enjoyed cake without any regrets, had no effect on their weight loss efforts. So its all in your mind.

22. There are several studies which suggest that when families eat togeather around kitchen or dining table have significant lesser weight compared to families who eat dinner in front of television.Eating While Pregnant

23. Sitting all day at work or home – If sit at work for 8 hours or more, Experts note that your body starts shutting down and major fat burning enzymes just start to plummets by 50%  after sitting for long. A regimen of 30 minutes at the gym is not sufficient to offset the effects of long sitting. There are other studies which state that people who took more brakes from their seats had lower BMI’s, healthy lipids and sugar levels.You burn approximately 83 calories per hour while sitting at the desk and standing burns 115 calories per hour.

24. Early to bed early to rise – If you are a night owl, you are likely to add on more weight compared to people who go to bed early. Studies find that night owls eat more food, snack on junk and are more likely to have a higher BMI than those who go to bed earlier.

25. Studies show that people who travel the most for work have a greater risk of obesity and gets harder to lose weight.


Excerpted from: RandomHistory.com


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