51 Healthy Habits Which Help Lose Weight

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By: Mark Serrels

Losing weight can be a struggle, but there are so many little things you can do to make things easier. Here’s a super long list of tips for those of you trying to shift a bit of weight.
1 Drink more water It helps you feel more satiated. Sometimes you think you’re hungry and you’re just thirsty. Here’s how to get into the habit of drinking more water.

2 Drink more green tea Slightly raises your metabolism, but it’s just good for you in general.

3 Drink more dandelion tea It’s an acquired taste – and its therapeutic properties are dubious – but it does help you flush out water your body doesn’t need.

4 Don’t drink calories You don’t need to! Shakes and smoothies are exempt from this, but soft drinks or anything with a stupid amount of sugar. What’s the point? Oh, wait! There’s one exception…

5 Drink hot water with a squirt of lemon when you first wake up I will accept this.

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6 Eat more avocados High-fat foods are going to make you feel more satisfied. Here’s how to pick a perfectly ripe avocado.

7 Eat a big breakfast People tend to skip breakfast. That’s a bad idea.

8 Eat more porridge Porridge is great, malleable and is low GI. If you eat porridge in the morning you’re gonna eat less the rest of the day.

9 Eat less bread But if you’re like me and love sandwiches, consider an open sandwich. Half the bread, half the carby calories. Also, eat wholemeal, good bread.

10 Sleep more Sleep is important. For weight loss, for general well-being.

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11 Walk more Find ways to add more steps to your daily routine. It all adds up. Walk upstairs instead of going up the elevator. Walk past one more station when getting the train.

12 Take up hiking Hiking is amazing. It can be as intense as you need it to be. Everyone in this office has taken up hiking and everyone swears by it.

13 Or take up a sport! Too many people equate exercise with pain. It doesn’t have to be that way. Join a basketball team, play soccer, get into gymnastics, go rock climbing. Here are some fun sports you can join as an adult.

14 Eat spicy food Spicy food is good. It also speeds up your metabolism.

15 Don’t eat chocolate I mean this goes without saying. You don’t need chocolate – even on Easter.

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16 Eat watermelon instead As sweet alternative watermelon works really well. Low calorie, but still incredibly sweet. Here’s how to pick the right watermelon by looking at its base.

17 Eat blueberries Blueberries are the greatest berries. I recommend them. They help you burn body fat and boost brain power and energy. Get on it.

18 Make your diet work long-term Crash diets aren’t great. They mess with your body. Whatever you eat it has to be sustainable otherwise it’s pointless.

19 Eat cheese! (Really) Cheese is okay (if you pick the right cheeses)! High-fat foods are okay! I’m not saying you have to go Ketogenic, but society as a whole is too scared of fatty foods. Fat is good for you.

20 Eat smaller portions Portion control might be the most important suggestion on this list. Everyone eats too much food. Here’s one way to manage portions.

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21 Eat using smaller plates So much of hunger is psychological. Stack a smaller plate. You’ll eat less and feel fuller. Weird.

22 Reduce your salt intake The more salt you consume the more water your body holds, the more you weigh. Here’s how to avoid hidden salt in your diet.

23 Do interval training It’s time efficient and it works. Better than 1 hour of jogging slowly in constant physical pain (unless you like that sort of thing).

24 Lift weights No, you’re not going to get too bulky. It’s actually insanely hard to add muscle to your frame. Here’s how to get started with a manageable daily routine.

25 Meditate or do Yoga Science proves you’re more likely to put on weight if you’re stressed. Find a way to become mindful in your day-to-day routine. Get started with this “do anywhere” 10-minute yoga routine.

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